Adachi Guide P4U2.5

Tohru Adachi Guide 2.5

A guide for new Adachi players by Heli-Vision. Formatting inspired by Jolteo and Vincent's character guides.
If there are any mistakes made or if something needs to be updated, then please ping me in the P4AU Discord Adachi chat. Communication is key to help bring newer players a swift and easy learning experience!


This guide uses fighting game terminology that will sound foreign to people new to fighting games. If you are confused about a certain term, then please search it up on the Fighting Game Glossary.
This guide also uses Numpad Notation. It is frequently used in a lot of FGC discussions and while it may sound confusing at first, it's easy to learn and you'll be using this a lot to communicate with other people. For more information about Numpad Notation, then please check out this Dustloop Page if you want more of an in-depth explanation.

Join the P4AU Discord

If you somehow found this guide that wasn't on the P4AU Discord, and if you haven't already, then join the P4AU Discord. Make sure to check the #f-a-q and #studying channels before asking anything because it may be explained in those channels. When you want to play against other people in the server, go to #role-assignments and get the region and platform you play on then matchmake with other people in the chatroom you just unlocked under The Ring
Additionally, check out the Adachi Discord if you want to talk with other Adachi players and want some more knowledge about the character.